Maine Deer Hunting Guide

Bow Season Runs: 2nd Week September-2nd Week of December
Firearm / BLK Powder: Runs Last Saturday October – 1st Saturday December

  • 4 day & 3 night American (see lodging page for details) Plan: $1925 (price includes 2 hunters) 3rd &/or 4th hunter $700 each

Included in the price of the the Maine Deer Hunting package is 4 days 3 nights lodging, guided hunt for 2 whitetail deer for bow hunters, and 1 deer for rifle and black powder hunters. All guided hunts will be on private pre-scouted land with tracking, field dressing, transportation needs and making any meat cutting or taxidermy arrangements.

Maine Deer Hunting GuideYou will come in the morning of Day one, we will go over the hunt and what to expect. You go with the guide to sight in your bow on 3D targets, or your firearm at the rifle range.

You will be guided to and from all pre-hung stands, ground blinds, and luxury elevated shooting houses, in optimal locations on private land to ambush deer in their natural setting going between bedding areas and food sources. All shots will be in shooting lanes overlooking scouted deer trails with distances from 5 yards to 40 yards for bow hunters, and 25 yards to 300 yards for rifle and black powder.

You will get 1 afternoon and 3 full days of hunting and you can stay in the stand as long or as little as you want. All shooting positions can be moved if whitetail patterns move or change.

Rifle and black powder hunters who are interested in harvesting antler-less deer should apply for a antler-less deer permit from Maine Fish and Wildlife for Zone #22.  Antler-less (Doe permits) tag application forms can be found in the late spring on

Bow Hunters: You will need your Large Game special season bow license and expanded zone bow license with a buck tag. you can purchase these on line at:

Rifle and Shotgun hunters: You will need your Large Game hunting license which can be purchased at:

Black Powder hunters: You will need your Large Game hunting license (and Black Powder season permit if hunting in December) which can be purchased on line at:

* Extra nights stay available.

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