Maine Duck Hunting for Sea and Puddle Ducks

Maine Duck HuntingSea Ducks –

Come on an exciting and fast action Maine guided Sea Duck hunt on our scenic coast for Eiders, Long Tailed ducks (Old Squaws), Scoters (all 3 species), Bufflehead and Golden Eye.

Regular Ducks –

Hunt some of Maine’s back-country, wetlands and fields for Mallards, Black Ducks, Teal, Wood Ducks and Merganser ducks.

Hunters will need a state of Maine 3 day small game license, State of Maine Migratory Waterfowl endorsement, and your Federal duck stamp. all Maine licenses and endorsements can be purchased online at:

All hunts are until noon

$75 ea. hunter for hunting Both sea ducks & regular ducks on the same day.

Please see our Lodging Page for American plan details.

American Plan
(prices includes up to 2 Hunters, Meals, Lodging,& Transportation)
3day/3night $1850
3rd hunter $850

Single Day Pricing
$350.00 a day (2 hunters) #3rd hunter $150.00 a day

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