Private Lighthouse & Marine life coastal boat tours only $300 & you can bring as many as 6 people.

*Price includes up to 6 guests

Think Maine’s coast is beautiful as you stand on shore looking out at her vast waters? If so, you will absolutely be blown away by Maine’s coast during our Maine boat tour when you are on those same waters aboard our safe and comfortable private charter boat looking back at her vast rugged and picturesque coastline on any of our Maine nature tours!

Private Guided Maine Lighthouse, Lobster, & Marine-life Tour

Come aboard one of Maine’s premiere coastal Lighthouse Boat Tours on a professional and friendly USCG Captain run charter boat for a stunning once in a lifetime Coast of Maine boat tour for just your party (1 to 6 guests) as we go explore 9 Maine lighthouses (11 on the extended lighthouse boat tour), seals, porpoises, occasional whales, many marine birds, bald eagles, working lobstermen, post card fishing villages, an old War of 1812 fort, 3 historic rivers, vast beaches, and coastal islands.

LOBSTERS; a Fan Favorite on our boat tour!! Watch, ask questions, take pictures, and learn the process as we pull our lobster traps during your private Maine nature tour.

Before the Pilgrams ever stepped foot on this content, the area we will be navigating during your private boat tour was already being settled by Europeans. It is where modern day American history started to take shape with trans-Atlantic trading of furs and goods. Your Captain if you would like will give you the history of the area as well as some interesting tidbits as you navigate some of the most beautiful and rugged waters in the world during this Maine boat and nature tour.

You will travel Maine’s vast inter-coastal water way as well as the coast of Maine never seeing the same thing twice! That is of course unless you want to see it twice…On our private charter Maine boat tours unlike the big head boats, we can change course or see different things on a whim. We really strive to make these Maine nature tours a great, stress-free, safe, experience!

Photography tour! Are you a beginner, expert, or professional Photographer? Are you a wildlife photographer? Are you an avid birder? or all of the above? Are you a nature photographer that wants to get just that right angle or light on your picture, just say so and we will do everything we can to safely make it happen throughout your Maine nature tour with us. If there is a specific lighthouse, mammal, bird, terrain feature, etc. etc. that you are particularly interested in we can focus on that for you and your party at any time during your Maine bird watching boat tour.

A Maine nature tour! are you looking for a Maine nature tour, then come join us on the ultimate Maine nature tour! Come take a private boat tour with us as we set out to show you what the coast of Maine has to offer! On this Maine nature tour we can set our sights on a few specific things or set out to see as much nature as we can during your Privat Maine boat tour with us!

Bird watching: Birders are you looking for a coastal bird tour, no problem as out Maine nature tours have you covered! Maine has over 20 species of shorebirds that depend on the coast of Maine to feed and rest during migration from the high artic breeding grounds of Canada to the most southern tip of South America. Still many more call Maine their year-round home. On top of traditional Maine ocean and shore birds Maine has its share of raptors for bird watchers and bird photographers to enjoy as well. Come get up close and personal on our Maine nature tours and bird watching tours with ospreys and eagles that are all over the area we cover on this great Maine boat tour! Watch as these bald eagles and ospreys build giant nests and raise their young throughout the summer. Come get a bird watchers dream by getting close to their nests on our Maine boat tours without disturbing them in the process.

Seals you say?! We got you covered on this boat tour! If you’re looking for a specialized nature tour with a focus on seals give our Maine nature and boat tour a try. We typically see dozens of seals in multiple locations with iconic coast of Maine back drops to frame the seals in. As boat tours go our Maine nature tour will give you a big bang for your buck and we can tailor all our boat tours and nature tours to meet your specific needs and expectations while you’re visiting Maine.

Unique business meeting Maine boat tour opportunities! Looking to catch up with friends and family or have a business meeting? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to have a relaxing and private setting while enjoying a safe stress-free boat tour to discuss any verity of subjects, catch up on old times, or say nothing at all and just take in the unique beauty of God’s country during this nature tour! Come with aboard our Maine boat tour and see what the MidCoast of Maine offers those who are lucky enough to navigate her waters.

This Maine lighthouse tour is a great trip for all ages, and we can go see all of the above or just what you want to see as our Maine nature tours and boat tours are tailored to your party. our Maine Lighthouse Tours is a great way to enjoy Maine at its Best! Visiting MA, RI, or NH check out New England Lighthouses.

$300 Per Party (up to 6 people) for our 2.5 to 3hr Maine Lighthouse Tours

Lighthouse Tour Testimonials

Lighthouse & Marine life tour: Great boat ride! Jay was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and was able to point out many sights with explanations of what they were for. He took wonderful care of our family. We heartily recommend taking a trip with Captain Jay!

Ken Forsyth recommends Maine Experience Guide Service

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