Black Ducks

Every December when the inland waters freeze the Black ducks will flock up by the hundreds on Maine’s beautiful and rugged coastal bays to put the feed bags on!

Our guides will safely get you to one of Maine’s tidal water ledges were you will lay in wait for the USA’s first sunrise of the day to show its first light over our up-to-date black duck decoy spread. The ducks will start flying, your guide will start calling (if you choose to call we absolutely support that), the lab will be at ready as the these Big mature black ducks come into the decoys and you take aim!

Maine Puddle Duck Hunts
Big Mature Black Duck
  • Black ducks can be added on to Sea Duck hunts

*Black Duck limits have been increased to 2 ducks per hunter

Mallards & Wood Ducks

Come hunt fall (Oct-Dec) resident and migratory Maine Mallards and Wood ducks on our backwoods bogs, meadows, lakes and rivers!

Our guides will have you hunting from blinds set up over our spread of decoys waiting for those early morning ducks coming in to the decoys fast or cupped up while our guides call (if you choose to call we absolutely support that) and our labs sit at the ready as the words “Take ‘Em” are spoken and the shooting begins!

$400/per hunter/per day that includes just the guided hunt.

American plan: 3 days guided hunting, 3days/nights lodging, all your meals, and bird cleaning for $1950/per hunter

Maine Puddle Duck Hunts
Shamus looking over his retrieves
Maine Puddle Duck Hunts
Shamus w/ Wood Duck
Maine Puddle Duck Hunts
Limit of Mallards & a Merganser

Duck Hunting Testimonials

Guided Maine Sea Duck & Diver Duck Hunts: Captain Jay was excellent at targeting the specific birds that we were after. He got us to spots that had the birds landing essentially in our laps! It was refreshing to see him put safety first and not put us Into any jeopardizing situations, even with a giant bomb cyclone blizzard nipping at our heels! He knows the seas well and does not make you hunt in any fashion that you are uncomfortable with. He works hard to make sure your hunt is enjoyable without compromising safety. 10/10 would recommend and hope to come back to Maine and hire him again

Chase Grandstaff  recommends Maine Experience Guide Service