Moose Hunting in Maine

Moose Hunting in MaineCome moose hunting in Maine for our largest game animal – the moose, with a professional┬áMaine Guide.

One week full service guided moose hunt for both the Permittee & Sub-Permittee: $2900.00 (includes both hunters)

This hunt will be in the North Maine woods Zones #1, 2, 4, & 5 where the herd is large enough to have 3 Maine moose hunting seasons.

Maine Experience guides for both the Sept. and Oct. season during the rut, as well as the late season November hunt.

There is nothing that gets the blood flowing during fall in the North Maine Woods like having a huge bull moose answering your guides’ moose call! The hunt includes lodging, meals, transportation, pre-scouting, 1 on 1 hunting guide, and getting your harvested moose out of the woods.

To get a Maine moose tag you must enter the moose hunt lottery drawing at the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife web site. The sign up for the lottery online runs between Feb. and mid-May every spring with the winners announced in June. WMD’S 1, 2, 4, & 5 are the zones we will guide hunters in.

Hunt and stay package for the moose hunt permit holder, and sub-permit holder, for the one week Sept., Oct., or Nov. season that you get your permit for – with all of the above mentioned items, is $2900.00. This includes both the Permittee and Sub-Permittee.

Moose hunters will need to apply for the State of Maine Moose Lottery. Lottery applications typically are available online in February through Mid-May. Please remember to pick zones in order of where you would rather hunt. (Maine Experience Guides recommend 1, 4, 2, and 5). Permit applications are at:


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