Maine Sea Ducks

Come on an exciting and fast action Maine Guided Sea Duck hunt on our scenic Maine coast for Eiders, Long Tailed ducks (aka Old Squaw), and Scoters (all 3 species). This guided Maine sea duck hunt is a great hunt for both taking in Maine’s beautiful postcard perfect coastline and fast action duck hunting!

What to expect

We will hunt sea ducks off Maine’s rocky ledges, USCG approved layout boats, or out of our rugged seaworthy USCG approved 20.6ft duck boat. Come experience the lower 48’s largest population of breeding resident Eider Ducks as well as the tens of thousands of migratory Eider ducks that call Maine’s rugged North Atlantic coast home every winter. Lots of trophy birds, bands, and limits shot every season; sometimes all 3 things on the same day! We would love to have you come join us on an Eider, Scoter, or Long-tailed (aka Old Squaw) Sea Duck hunt Maine Experience!

Diver & Puddle Ducks

(Bufflehead, Goldeneye, Mergansers, Black Duck, & Mallard)

Hunt saltwater bays for Bufflehead, Goldeneye, & Merganser diver ducks. We typically hunt these divers of saltwater ledges and flats. You are on a rocky coastal ledge nestled in to cover as these divers typically come in fast, cupped-up, and committed to the top quality, modern, decoys laid out in-front of you for a great clean shot! These beautiful ducks come in fast and hard to the X. Lots of ducks in the decoys and in your face!

Maine has the largest nesting population of Black Ducks in the USA (Per DU). We guide for Maine’s famed Big ‘ol mature Black Ducks in Maine’s tilde rivers, estuaries, and saltwater bays. As the inland waters freeze the Black Duck flocks on to the tidewater & their numbers keep increasing daily!!

Licenses need

Hunters will need a state of Maine 3-day small game license ($50), State of Maine Migratory Waterfowl endorsement ($7.50), and your federal duck stamp that you most likely already have for whatever state you call home. all Maine licenses and endorsements can be purchased online at:

Guided Hunt Prices

All hunts are until noon

Lodging Page

American Plan: 3 day / 3 night Fully Guided Duck Hunt, Meals, Lodging, Transportation, & cleaning or trophy prepping your ducks. Please ask about taxidermy options.
$1950 /per hunter

Single Per Day price for Just the guided duck hunt
$450.00 / per hunter

maine guided duck hunts

$75 up charge for each hunter if you want to set up for and hunt Both Sea Ducks & Regular/Diver ducks on the same day.

$500 nonrefundable deposit (1 rain check given with special circumstances) per hunter to reserve your trip.

Sea Duck Hunting Testimonials

Guided Maine Sea Duck & Diver Duck Hunts: Captain Jay was excellent at targeting the specific birds that we were after. He got us to spots that had the birds landing essentially in our laps! It was refreshing to see him put safety first and not put us Into any jeopardizing situations, even with a giant bomb cyclone blizzard nipping at our heels! He knows the seas well and does not make you hunt in any fashion that you are uncomfortable with. He works hard to make sure your hunt is enjoyable without compromising safety. 10/10 would recommend and hope to come back to Maine and hire him again

Chase Grandstaff  recommends Maine Experience Guide Service