John Nowinski  recommends Maine Experience Guide Service.

Guided Moose hunting:
October 1 at 8:56 AM We had an incredible trip and I know it certainly was a lifetime experience for both of us. I very much enjoyed hunting with you and your team and you guys are a class act! I truly appreciate the time put into scouting, preparation, and attention to detail in all respects. And trust me I understand the time and effort you put into making this a successful hunt. I believe we now know even more so that nothing is a given in large game hunting unless you put your time in! Eric and I truly got the full experience with the quartering and packing out and that will solidify the memories even longer. You certainly have a great and very professional service and we will be looking to hunt with you again in some form. Please feel free to use me for a reference as well. Thank you for an incredible experience!