Lighthouse & Marine life tour: Great boat ride! Jay was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and was able to point out many sights with explanations of what they were for. He took wonderful care of our family. We heartily recommend taking a trip with Captain Jay!

Ken Forsyth recommends Maine Experience Guide Service

Guided Striper Fishing:
The rain and thunder cleared about 5 minutes before our trip was to launch! The river was a dark muddy mess from the powerful storm churning the water not ideal for any fishing trip! But captain Jay headed down the river a short run and immediately had us on a feeding school of striped bass and when that school of fish was done feeding captain Jay was only a few moments until put us on the next big school! My group was my family a mixed bag of fishing experience but with captain Jay’s help the playing field was leveled, and we were all seasoned Anglers On this trip. How captain jay Maneuvers the boat do the rough currents of the Kennebec flawlessly keeping you on the fish all oh well keeping an eye on his clients to keep them safe and happy awesome job captain! My trip was a family trip I’ll never forget!!!The beautiful Sealife , Fort. Popham the light houses the sights and sounds of my kids landing big fish I feel like there’s so much more I could say but I’m not much of a writer, but I can add captain jay helped to make family memories I will cherish the rest of my life so……Thank you captain jay ……..

Perry Malcolm IV recommends Maine Experience Guide Service

Guided Turkey Hunting:
I hunted Spring Gobbler with Jay. He’s knowledgeable about his birds and goes the extra mile to get you on birds. Highly recommend

Duane Adams recommends Maine Experience Guide Service

Guided Bear Hunt:
Was referred to Maine Experience guide service through a friend Jay was very good with communicating with me from 2 years before my hunt to one last call on my drive home to make sure we were happy. I tagged a good bear opening evening. Rick was our guide and I can tell you he puts the work into multiple sights. It was a very remote camp, and we didn’t have to worry about running into other hunters. Overall, a good experience and I would definitely get ahold of Jay if I ever wanted to hunt or fish in Maine again!

Jared Thiry recommends Maine Experience Guide Service

Guided Maine Sea Duck & Diver Duck Hunts:
Captain Jay was excellent at targeting the specific birds that we were after. He got us to spots that had the birds landing essentially in our laps! It was refreshing to see him put safety first and not put us Into any jeopardizing situations, even with a giant bomb cyclone blizzard nipping at our heels! He knows the seas well and does not make you hunt in any fashion that you are uncomfortable with. He works hard to make sure your hunt is enjoyable without compromising safety. 10/10 would recommend and hope to come back to Maine and hire him again

Chase Grandstaff  recommends Maine Experience Guide Service

Guided Moose hunting:
October 1 at 8:56 AM We had an incredible trip and I know it certainly was a lifetime experience for both of us. I very much enjoyed hunting with you and your team and you guys are a class act! I truly appreciate the time put into scouting, preparation, and attention to detail in all respects. And trust me I understand the time and effort you put into making this a successful hunt. I believe we now know even more so that nothing is a given in large game hunting unless you put your time in! Eric and I truly got the full experience with the quartering and packing out and that will solidify the memories even longer. You certainly have a great and very professional service and we will be looking to hunt with you again in some form. Please feel free to use me for a reference as well. Thank you for an incredible experience!

John Nowinski  recommends Maine Experience Guide Service.